Your store is not selling?


 Here are just some of the many reasons why your online store project could not be working in the web.


Why nobody is visiting my web?

  • You don’t have a “Google Friendly” store.
  • You haven’t documented the product files.
  • You don’t write content to support your products.
  • You haven’t released a newsletter..
  • You do not have budget for online advertising campaigns.
  • You do not know which are the right keywords to attract visitors.
  • You don’t know where your target is.

I get visits, but why do they leave so quick?

  • The online store is not correctly put together.
  • The product data-sheet is not well-structured.
  • Bad hosting (slow, with mistakes)
  • The platform is not very usable
  • The web design is not nice.

I have users visiting my web, but why aren't they buying?

  • You don´t show your face or your team face
  • There are no testimonies about your products / services
  • There’s no phone number to call.
  • You don’t offer a chat to walk through your first potential buyers.
  • Your payment process is scary.
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