Why FreshCommerce?

E-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years and continues to evolve very quickly. In FreshCommerce we know that an eshop project must be alive, in constant renewal, improvement and supervision by specialists for the good of the profitability of our customers.
Unlike other agencies, we aren´t only responsible for the project development, our relationship with our customers goes far beyond. The work of a team of specialists in essential branches as SEO, online marketing and technology consulting, allows our projects to compete effectively in the global internet market.

9 reasons why FreshCommerce is your best

eCommerce Partner.



Professional SEO Plan.
Review of results and code evolution, SEO On Page


Professional analysis.
Visits, sales, trends, etc..


Continuous technological modernization.
New versions, modules, technology.


Legal update.
Legal changes, regulations, cookies.


Changes in graphic design.
Banners, seasonal touches.


Development and implementation of new modules.
Use of modules between FreshCommerce customers.


Consulting for growth and international expansion.
Marketplaces integration to address new markets.


Continuous improvement proposals.
Adaptation to the latest news and trends on internet sales.


Urgent and quality support with friendly treatment.
We don´t work with economy of scale. We Are partners of specific projects.

What do we offer?



Full e-Commerce Service

The e-commerce projects need a variety of profiles and Resources: : SEO , Programming, Graphic Design, Legal, Social media, Photo and Video, and many others… To delegate to professionals is the right choice for a competitive advantage to develop a project especially powerful and profitable!



Custom Features

All the projects we develop are characterized by perfectly matching the requirements of our customers and for having complete customization of the functionality of the portal. Simple Saas or eCommerce are very limited and only allow to change a few options. This customization is far from actually being needed for medium or large online store. The technology we use is modular, allowing very efficiently to adapt new emerging needs as the eCommerce grows.



Mobile Commerce

It’s a fact that Internet users are increasingly using mobile devices every day, such as smartphones or tablets, than desktop PCs. Not having an eCommerce tailored to different devices can negatively affect sales and therefore the viability of the project. The mass marketing of such terminals accompanied by data tariffs increasingly competitive, causes that more than half of visits to the websites are made through these ways.



STOCK & ERP Integration

Our experience has shown us that one of the most important aspects for the proper functioning of an eCommerce is correct integration with the ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning”) software. The ECommerce user must be fully informed of the availability of stock and its price. Let’s not forget that if anything characterizes an online store, is that the customer pays in advance.



Logistics & TPV

The user of an eCommerce should have all possible information in real time. Therefore, one of the most important aspects to ensure the sale is for the user to know basic information such as stock availability, cost of transportation, shipping methods and delivery time, etc. Automating these data is a basic requirement to ensure project success.



B2B + B2C Platforms

The relationship with our customers has changed, and not just with individual clients, but with other companies. The new media enhance the traditional business transactions. B2B Platforms (Business-to-Business) enable client companies to obtain quickly, reliably and cheaply all the information needed to manage the sale of their products.


Find out why working with us!

There are 3 main approaches within the professional world of electronic commerce.
Why are we the best choice?


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If you have a new e-commerce project in mind, or you’ve already launched but have not obtained the expected results, contact us and we will advise you in its implementation, without compromise.