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Electronic commerce is borderless, do not mine the profitability of your project from the start. In FreshCommerce we are specialized in international e-commerce, because an eCommerce must be international for viability. The more visits more orders.

Conversion rate: number of customers / total number of visits
Focus on an eCommerce project to the international market should not be a negotiable option. Adapting the platform to basic level for international sale means increasing the development cost of the project by 10% -20%, however, we can increase visits by 1500% if we focus on Europe and 14.800% if we focus on the world. Let’s face it, you need these visits.

eCommerce costs: National


Visits & Sales: National


Population comparison

World 7.000 millones
Europe 740 millones
Spain 47 millones

eCommerce Costs: International


Visits & Sales: International


Million € billed

362.000.000 € North America
312.000.000 € Europe
12.000.000 € Spain

Do you have transportation costs covered?

Our platforms collect the different costs of transporting your products to anywhere in the world and, where appropriate, select the cheapest carrier to increase the competitiveness of your business. For a good relationship with the client, these data should be reported to the customer before the order has been placed and charged at the time of payment, increasing the amount of the purchase.

Is your platform prepared?

The eCommerce platforms should be modular and allow to deploy multiple languages and transport, taxes, modules … To give the best service in the most efficient way possible. FreshCommerce develops modular projects that adapt to customer needs and allow international sales.
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