There will be no other store like yours!


It´s really important?

The design is one of the most important parts of an eCommerce. Unlike a physical store where we touch products with our physical hands, an electronic trading screen is only responsible for transmitting Product / Service sensations to the client.

How is it designed?

Your Online Store begins with paper and pencil. A sketch is created from a consensus, it is developed going through all stages (Photoshop, HTML, etc.) into a unique and exclusive Online Store. If you already have an idea in mind, we bring our experience and ideas to improve it. We guarantee that there will be no other store like it!

Advantages of choosing FreshCommerce

  •  We create the unique design of your store completely handmade (first) and then digitize it.
  •  We respect your initial ideas and give them added value or just let us surprise you with what we had thought!
  •  Our goal is to provide a pleasant and seamless experience.



Before adding code, we layout the structure in sketches as required by the client. Once the layout is closed, we can produce it in photo software like Photoshop, to create different creative proposals. When both parties agree, we start the optimized assembly of the web portal.