Shipping & Payments Integration


The user of an eCommerce should have all possible information in real time. Therefore, one of the most important aspects to ensure the sale is for the user to know basic information such as stock availability, cost of transportation, shipping methods and delivery time, etc. Automating these data is a basic requirement to ensure project success.

Logistics (SEUR, DHL, UPS... )

Depending on the carrier, there are several ways to get to integrate your ecommerce website so that, once configured, rates and operation are automatic and transparent to both the seller and the customer. Applicable methods:

  • Send customer tracking numbers automatically
  • Free Shipping offers from certain rates, or certain areas
  • Automatically calculate by total weight of order
  • Automatically calculate the amount of order/li>

Some of the carriers with which we integrate:

correos_logo        seur_logodhl_logo       ups_logo


Sometimes the best rate for your eCommerce does is not in a carrier, but a mixture of several of them.

Payment portals (VISA, Paypal, GiroPay, Banks Transfers, Sage Pay...)

The payment process of an online store should align security, usability and speed in order to not be an obstacle to the conversion rate of our online store. It is necessary to consider:

  • Perform a 100% correct implementation to have payment provider guarantees
  • Continuously monitor the performance and phishing attacks that are received.
  • Inform the client by email at all times of events (Payment OK, error, offer alternatives …)

The methods of payment to implement will depend on various factors such as type of product or market, although the ideal is to offer as many alternatives. As main methods of payment we have:


Usage of payment gateways by customers (based on our experience):

VISA 60%