Your online store can have dual use and twice the return!

Your online store can have dual use and twice the return!


Plataformas B2B y B2C

Sale B2B (Business to Business)

The relationship with our customers has changed, and not just with individual clients, but with other companies. The new media enhance the traditional business transactions. 

Have you ever placed an order to a supplier online? Probably yes. Maybe it’s time that you also begin to offer your products and / or services online. “

B2B Platforms (Business-to-Business) enable client companies to obtain quickly, reliably and cheaply all the information needed to manage the sale of their products. Being able to fully customize their product catalog for each customer, enormously lowering management costs.

Sale B2B (Business to Business)

Same eCommerce = Sale to final client + Sale to Business

If you have an online store, it is not necessary to develop a 2nd one to sell to companies. The same platform can be used to sell to 2 types of customer by using different groups of customers, prices, offers, products, etc. Simple and powerful at the same time!

Profit & Benefits

Our B2B platforms allow your customers:

Check (in real time):

  • Products
  • Prices


  • Orders
  • Payment


  • Invoices
  • Promotions

Integration with ERP: Vital for B2B eCommerce

The smooth running of B2B platforms lies mainly in the right connection with the available ERP. This way we can nurture the platform with information and different economic conditions previously agreed with third parties, such as prices, deals, discounts, to be consulted by their customers in real time and to be able to place orders and payments using billing processes as automated as possible.